• Q:What is CSTRDLP?
    A Consortium of Science & Technology (S&T) and Research & Development (R&D) Libraries of Pakistan (CSTRDLP) is developed for promoting resource sharing among libraries through up-grading libraries standard and capacity building of librarians in order to facilitate scientific research community. In addition to that, tools such digital repository of indigenous S&T material and Union Catalogue Public Access Catalogue (Union OPAC) PakCat of books available in Pakistani libraries will be developed.
  • Q: How can our organization be the part CSTRDLP?
    • The participating organization should have a library with having collection of at least 5000 (Negotiable).
    • The participating organization should have a librarian holding library & information science degree (Necessary).
    • Technical services should be offered by the library (i.e. Cataloguing and classification)
    • Organization will perform a role in PASTIC consortium (Consortium of S&T and R&D libraries of Pakistan)to serve the library collection.
    • Organization will allow to OPAC data for developing Union OPAC of Pakistani libraries to PASTICthrough Inter-library loan policy with other libraries. (kindly check out the Inter-library loan policy)

    Note: Kindly fill the Performa to become member. Request Proforma for PASTIC Consortium (CSTRDLP)

  • Q: Is there any Contribute for being member of CSTRDLP?
    A: Yes,
    • You may contribute through share your library data for PakCat (Union OPAC).
    • You may contribute through abstract leave data of your digital repository.
  • Q: Are there any trainings/workshops offered by CSTRDLP?
    Yes, we offer trainings/workshops for Librarians and research scholars
    • Library Automation
    • Library digitization
    • Information literacy skills
    • Searching techniques
    • Citation tools
  • Q: what are the benefits of joining CSTRDLP?
    A: After joining this consortium, The Consortium will provide:
    • Access to largest network of libraries in Pakistan
    • Library management system (Koha) along with hosing services (free)
    • Library data migration and backup services for Koha ILS (free)
    • Access to Union Catalogue for:
    • Resource sharing
    • Avoiding duplication of resources
    • Overcoming financial constraints
    • Access to scholarly material through digital repository of indigenous literature(free)
  • Q:Which type of libraries become member of CSTRDLP?
    A: Yes, any library can become a member of First-ever Biggest Consortium of Pakistani Libraries i.e.
    • University & Colleges
    • Scientific Organizations
    • Special Libraries
    • Public libraries
  • Q: what is Security of data on PASTIC Koha Cloud?
    A: PASTIC Koha Cloud Members Can take backup any time from Koha Instance for method: